Just Open Your Eyes!

Slice of LIfe

A Drive to Town


Loose Red Dirt

Cold Gray Clouds

Naked Trees

Grazing Black Cows

Tall Blue Silo

Ugly Burnt Grass

Smiling Rolling Hills

Rusted Roof Tops

Broken Farm Fences

Dangerous Curvy Roads

Tiny Lonely Pond

Abandoned Oil Wells

Disappointed Littered Roads

Huge Brush Piles

Budding White Trees

Broken Tree Limbs

Stacked Waiting Firewood

Tattered American Flag

Winding Green Vines

Dangerous Dark Cranes

Heavy Sand Bags

Blinking Street Lights

Waving Colorful Flags

Neon Orange Signs

White Billowing Smoke

Metal Rustic Statues

Unwanted Purple Weeds

Bright White Headlights

Towering Silver Office Buildings

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3 Responses to Just Open Your Eyes!

  1. Beautiful images!!! I really enjoyed it!

  2. Lisa says:

    This is beautiful! Some things reminded me of our trip to South Dakota – I love the way it all just fits. Thank you for that little slice of Americana!

  3. tsudmeier says:

    Love the poem! Definitely living as a writer noticing all those things. I could “see” your drive as I read.

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